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Easter novelties

Easter is without a doubt one of the favourite times for children - as it is for adult foodies. Who doesn’t like to look for chocolate eggs, chickens and rabbits left by the bells in every corner of the garden or apartment?

This year, 3 new collections of Easter stuffed animals:

- The Easter Econimals: eco-friendly Easter plushes made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles!

- The Cuty Easter (photo): rabbit, duck, chick, rooster and lamb with sound and  extra soft fabric to pamper!

- The Lil' Gardenous: beautiful Easter stuffed animals sold in their small box: perfect for a gift!

Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day 2022, Gipsy created the "Petsy Love": an adorable collection filled with love composed of 5 small plush animals with a glitter heart. 

Ready to offer in its small individual box, it is an ideal little gift that should delight the one who receives it.

Discover the entire "love" collection here!

Les peluches Collectimals - spot télé
Kwaly, the story teller

Kwaly is the great new Gipsy of Christmas 2021: an adorable little storytelling plush koala!

This superb interactive plush offers nearly 2 hours of wonderful tales to discover from birth: Adventure stories, soft sleeping stories suitable for children 0-8 years old.

Kwaly was created in collaboration with Whisperies, the largest French library of animated and sonorized stories for children.


In 2021, Gipsy launched the "Econimals®" its first range of eco-friendly plushes, designed and manufactured from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.

The Econimals® eco-design gives plastic waste a second life, reducing the impact on the environment. The materials used for the Econimals® range meet the Global Recycle Standard (GRS).

A beautiful Econimals® Easter collection and a range of pets and wild animals were born this year and have already conquered young and old plush toy lovers!

Les peluches Collectimals - spot télé
Bellabloo advertisement

Bellabloo advertisement

Dive into the fairytale and aquatic world of Gipsy with Bellabloo, the musical and luminous narwhal! This beautiful unicorn of the seas has 3 functions: it plays beautiful melodies, moves its tail and lights up!

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27 adorable stuffed animals to collect (including 3 rare), hidden in a pretty mint green ball called the clip-o-sphere! Keep this ball and clip it to play and create fun shapes: the infernal tower, the funny diabolo, an arc, or an armchair ... 

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La peluche cheval Kisco de Gipsy
Gallop with Kisco!

Kisco the horse is an ideal playmate for all children aged 18 months and up! By pressing his hoof, Kisco moves his head and his eyes to the rhythm of fun melodies! When given to eat, he moves his head and neighs.

A perfect plush toy for little jumpers!

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Member of the ACFJF

Member of the ACFJF (the Association for the Creation and/or the Fabrication of French Toys), Sandra and Stephen Callahan, the directors of Gipsy, are committed to promoting their French "savoir-faire"* and to reimagine the world of the plush. 


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